Thursday, November 4, 2010

Start the Fall Cleaning Engine

I made it home in one piece from my annual feast of Authors. Tired, with a book list longer then I can ever reach, a house that needs attention and a family that needs time.

Every year the same thing happens, every year for the past twelve years,  and somehow I am never ready for it. Oh, I get the laundry done so that I have clean clothes, make sure there are meals in the fridge and freezer and the calender is up to date - if only the family would read it!

There is always the rush to get Halloween together both for the kids and the house. I can plan, plan, plan and it is still rush, rush, rush. And as always there is the race to plant the bulbs before the frost but after the squirrels.

Still we are about to "fall back" and I am almost ready.