Thursday, March 18, 2010

Always a Good Start

Years and years. It has taken me years and years to write another blog.
They say you can never go home but I tried last weekend. My eldest daughter has been accepted to Carlton so we went on a college road trip. Bundled the twin and M into the car and started driving east.

The wind was high, the rain frozen and the trip long. We had a cheap room at the Chateau Laurier, opulent but lacking in real design. The pool is still lovely, Art Deco, amazing metal work. When Ottawa was my home town I used to swim there.

The market was small and dingy, my old house smaller and darker, the drive from the hotel to the University done in no time at all.

The daughter loves the school, the twins could not get WiFi, the drive back was beautiful.

I like the home I have now.

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