Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Clean Start

I have been lurking in cleaning/decluttering/streamlining blogs and websites for years. I am still looking for the magic pill brought by the cleaning fairies but until that day comes I will continue to struggle with my lack of a cleaning gene.
The sites and blogs are all very similar. Get a routine and do it everyday. If it was that easy I would be 50lbs. lighter and virtually wrinkle free, my negative side cracks back. Then I played the internal movie of the last two weeks. And you know what - I have routines. I have a morning routine, I have an evening routine and I routinely yell at my kids to do their routines.
The routines just snuck up on me, ever so slowly, ever so quietly until, without thinking, I automatically empty the dishwasher every morning and toss a load of laundry in before I walk the dog.
Does a routine drag you down? No!
Does a routine make work easier? No!
Is my house cleaner because of routines? Yes!

And that is the payoff.

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