Thursday, August 19, 2010

Start the Authentic Life

It has taken me many years but I have half figured out how to surf blogs. I flip from one to another like a bored teenager with the remote control. I slow down when I come across one about knitting or parenting or family cooking, though I did stop at one about raising goats - must smell like my house.

At one point I was stuck in a cycle of "Family" blogs. Pictures of happy smiling clean faces, beautiful houses and groomed dogs. The mothers all wanted to live an authentic life. What does that mean. Are the rest of us living an unauthentic life. Does my laundry, cooking, cleaning and loving not count. Or is it a secret term, like a secret handshake that lets the world know that they have found the answer to all of life's questions and the rest of us are left to figure it out for ourselves?

As my life is not authentic does that make me a knock off old bag?

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